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11/16/23: Beacons is excited to announce its new creative arts division, Studio Beacons, which will begin January 2024!

Under construction!

1. Application: (Coming soon!)

2. Hours: 4 hours a day, 5 days a week

3. Term: 1 year (IPP team may decide additional time)

4. Contact:

5. San Diego Regional Center vendor information:
Vendor #: PY3085, Code: 094

Beacons' newest division will provide an artistic space where artists with developmental disabilities can work with artists without disabilities to further develop their art, knowledge of technical skills and new techniques, try new and/or adapted tools that may optimize their skills, and explore other mediums and projects to connect with art and the community at large.

The program will use curriculum that targets specific skills and activities aligned with each consumer’s IPP and ISP goals.

Each activity or project will be designed to: 


  • help consumers increase their artistic skills in fine arts, artisan arts and/or performance arts, 

  • improve their soft skills to engage with peers and community members,  

  • improve consumers’ understanding of the business side of the art world (such as how to market or sell works, package completed works, money management, record keeping of projects and sales, try out for community performances or sign up for community marketplaces), 

  • expand skills to self-promote and self-market digitally and in-person, 

  • build soft skills for community activities such a community art fair sales, and boutique placement and inventory management, and 

  • help artists present works for sale in a community marketplace, or develop skills for entry in a community artspace for pay (e.g. theater).

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