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Donation Station!

Help us grow! Since launching our vocational programming in 2019, we have had to expand twice to meet the growing interest in our options, and need to expand again by 2025! We need more space so that our existing options can operate at full capacity and so that we can launch additional options in the future! Every amount helps!

Other creative ways to help are listed below! Thank you!

The Beacons Team

Venmo Graphic
Donations can be made through Venmo

Creative Ways to support Beacons, Inc.:

1. Monthly Giving
Make a recurring monthly gift throughout the year through our "Donate" button! Maybe try a regular donation of $20 a month?

2. Matching Gifts
Did you know many employers will match all or a part of your donation? Talk to your HR department about your corporate matching program. Typically, after you make a donation, your HR department will then request Beacons, Inc. to verify the donation via a form or website link. Once the donation is verified, the company then sends the matching donation to Beacons! Easy

3. Donations as "gifts": Instead of gifts for an occasion, consider asking people to donate money to Beacons, Inc. through FB or other social media!


4. Add Beacons, Inc. to a will!

5. Consider donation of an item instead of dollars!

Wish List!


Capital Campaign
Beacons has run out of space!

We have waitlists and lots of new options we'd like to launch based on input from our trainees, but we need more space. Please consider donating to help us broaden opportunities in North County! 

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