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August 18 (Orientation) - December 15, 2023




     a. SDRC paperwork must be submitted
Please request that your "IPP" (Individual Program Plan) and "CDER" (Client Development Evaluation Report) be sent to:
Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.comRequest the addition of the vocational workshop to the applicant's IPP, and that a "POS" (Purchase of Service) request be completed and submitted to fund the workshop.


For individuals in the Self-Determination program, please discuss inclusion of this workshop with your independent facilitator and SDRC service coordinator.

     b. Screening/Intake Meeting: 
After the applicant's IPP and CDER have been received, our Pathfinder team will contact the applicant and/or her/his conservators to set up an intake meeting to make sure the workshop supports the applicant's IPP goals, the applicant meets the entrance criteria set forth in the application, and the applicant is interested in the employment goal of the workshop.

SDRC vendor number: PY1700, Code: 102, Subcode: Fall (Total hours: 240 - Approx. 16 - 17 weeks)


Abbi joins Beacons from Dream Catchers EDH, an organization similarly devoted to empowerment of individuals with disabilities, where she served as its social media director and as an assistant instructor. While at Dream Catchers, Abbi helped teach cooking, life skills, fitness training, skills for its theater program and other activities as well as plan for monthly activities.

Prior to Dream Catchers EDH, Abbi served a Kitchen Manager and Barista for Makework Market, and as a homeschool teacher for individuals with learning disabilities for several years.  

Abbi will support the Beacons instructional team with her talents in photography, social media, cooking, money management and numerous other areas to help our trainees explore and learn skills to bridge gaps to employment and increase their independence. Abbi brings her love of her older brother, who has a developmental disability, to all those she works with. Beacons welcomes Abbi and her husband to Carlsbad and to Beacons, Inc.!

App Process

Our workshops are held Monday - Thursday for approximately 3 hours a day. On Fridays we have extended hours for soft skills, individual assistance and group activities to build teamwork skills and workplace socialization skills (approximately 10 am - 2 pm). Additional hours may be available if needed.

Person-Driven Planning Each workshop session includes a robust person-driven planning unit that explores community options, self-advocacy and post-workshop transition planning. The trainee will then present the plan to the trainee's "circle of trust" to set up supports and identify services begin the trainee's journey after completion of the workshop. SDRC service coordinators are invited to attend to contribute their expertise, learn more about the trainee's goals, and support the transition plan in a manner that is consistent with the IPP.


Ratio:  Our workshops have a maximum of 10 trainees with 3 instructors, and must have a minimum of 5 enrolled to proceed. Beacons reserves the right to cancel or combine a workshop in the event there are less than 5 trainees enrolled.


Entrance Criteria: Workshops are designed for those with mild/moderate disabilities aged 18+ who want to further their vocational training to improve employment options, and who can attend and follow directions without maladaptive behaviors or the need for medical support. Please review our application for more details on our entrance criteria.  Approximately 50% of those who enroll have their high school diploma, but a diploma is not required.

SDRC Payment: Beacons workshops can be fully funded through the San Diego Regional Center for eligible consumers who have exited their school districts by aging out or earning a diploma and who have employment IPP goals. For eligible SDRC consumers, the SDRC will fund one workshop per session. Trainees with achievement levels of 3 for the majority of the units are not eligible to repeat without pre-approval from the SDRC. Vendor Code #PY1700, Code: 102, Subcode: Fall

Self-Determination & Private Pay: In order for funding to be allocated to an independent budget to be used in a spending plan, SDRC consumers/S-D participants will need a vocational goal in their IPP. If there is not one currently, please contact your service coordinator to express your interest in getting trained to get a job and discuss with the service coordinator that you will need funding to get the training at Beacons.  Please contact the Director of Pathfinder if additional assistance is needed.

*Our PathFinder workshops were made possible in part through funding from the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR), grant funding from the Qualcomm Foundation and vendorization by the San Diego Regional Center. Beacons thanks these organizations for their vision and support.


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